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Real-life photographers are using RDR2 to take pictures while in quarantine

Photographers are finding plenty of inspiration in RDR2 and its in-game camera mode while staying indoors

Driving a carriage down a tree-lined road

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to change and disrupt people’s lives around the world, some artists are finding ways to channel their creativity in one of the best PC games of last year: Red Dead Redemption 2. Real-life photographers are using the in-game camera to take beautiful pictures (our very own Iain also had a photographic adventure in The Division 2).

Photographer Craig ‘Sixstreetunder’ Whitehead, for example, has posted a series of his photos on Instagram (via GameStar). “As a way to stay sane while stuck indoors I’ve joined in with a few who are using Red Dead Redemption 2, and Saint Denis as their surrogate city for the next few weeks,” he says in the write-up for one, which artfully depicts a lone Lemoyne citizen sitting in a shaded street doorway.

“It’s pretty tricky chasing light that moves at the in-game pace,” the photographer notes. He’s also posted an attractive silhouette of a Saint Denis resident riding cart through its cobbled alleys, with a brooding sky above and American flag fluttering behind. Take a look here.

Similarly, Nico ‘Nicofroe’ Froehlich has shared some stunning in-game images of the Van der Linde gang and the comings and goings of Saint Denis, circa 1899, terming it “virtual street photography”.

You can also check out Nick ‘sleepingastronaut’ Fabian’s work here, with the photographer having captured some really effective black-and-white and muted colour shots, using the western game’s shadows to create some moody atmospherics.

If you’re similarly inspired to spend some time in-game during the virus outbreak, you might find our RDR2 photo mode guide handy on your travels, along with our list of the best open-world games with amazing scenery to capture.

The WHO has information and guidance on the COVID-19 virus on its website, which you can find here, as well as advice for the public on how to protect yourself against it.