Remnant 2 chest code – Ford’s chest in Ward 13

If you're wondering how to open Ford's chest in Ward 13 to obtain the loot inside, we've figured out how to locate the code and what it is.

Two ethereal beings search for the Remnant 2 chest code

What is the Remnant 2 chest code? While wandering around Ward 13 you’ll likely stumble across a locked chest which asks you for a code. There is a way to locate it, and it took us some time to discover too.

Luckily though, after you’ve browsed our Remnant 2 class tier list to decide which archetype to play, you can soon get your hands on some loot as we’ve got the code to crack the Remnant 2 chest right here.

The underside of the flashlight will give you the Remnant 2 chest code

Remnant 2 Ford’s chest code

The code to open Ford’s chest in Remnant 2 is 0415. Inspect your flashlight in the menu to locate the code on the underneath.

After Ford gives you a flashlight at the beginning of the campaign, you can inspect it straight away to discover the code. No matter what you add or take from your inventory, the flashlight will stay with you, so you can locate the code and unlock Ford’s chest at any time.

To find Ford’s chest, head to his office on the second floor of the largest building in Ward 13. The chest is marked on the map with a purple dot. You can’t interact with the chest until you’ve completed the tutorial, so if you’ve skipped this you can unlock it straight away.

After finding the Remnant 2 chest code you can open the chest for loot

After opening the chest you’ll receive the Cargo Control Key which you can take to the docks and use to open a room which contains the MP60-R submachine gun.

This weapon will help throughout your campaign as it has a high rate of fire, but it is only going to be useful at close range.

There’s plenty to discover in Remnant 2 – if you’ve read our review you’ll know we loved spending time roaming the procedurally generated worlds and discovering secrets – such as the Shielded Heart relic, which is hidden at the end of quite a complex puzzle.