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Best Remnant 2 classes - archetypes tier list

We ranked all of the Remnant 2 archetypes so you’ll know which is the best class for you when it comes time to defeat the Root once and for all.

Remnant 2 archetype tier list: a hunter, with their hood up, gas mask on, and glowing red eyes.

What are the best Remnant 2 classes? Although a lot of Remnant 2 can boil down to how many bullets you can put downrange – after all, violence solves nearly everything in this universe – there are several different flavors of destruction to choose from that can affect you and your party’s experience while playing the co-op shooter. These are archetypes (basically classes), each with its own set of abilities, passives, strengths, and weaknesses – but which Remnant 2 archetypes are the best?

With the Remnant 2 release date finally upon us, it’s probably time for you to get your thinking cap on and decide which archetype suits you the most – especially if you’re already diving into Remnant 2 early access. Are you a ranged damage dealer? Do you prefer to get up close and personal with the monstrosities that lie in wait? There are a few options you can take to play the co-op game as you want. Here is our Remnant 2 class tier list.

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All Remnant 2 classes

Here are all the playable Remnant 2 archetypes:

  • Alchemist
  • Challenger
  • Engineer
  • Explorer
  • Gunslinger
  • Invader
  • Handler
  • Hunter
  • Medic
  • Summoner

While there are a total of ten Remnant 2 classes, many of them can only be unlocked after crafting and equipping their unique engram. These unlockable archetypes consist of the Alchemist, Engineer, Explorer, Invader, and Summoner. The Gunslinger appears as one of your starting archetypes if you pre-ordered Remnant 2 – if you didn’t, it also joins this list of secret classes.

What is the best Remnant 2 class?

The best Remnant 2 class is the Handler due to their dog companion, who provides helpful damage and team buffs, making this archetype a great pick for playing with friends.

You choose your archetype not long after finishing the tutorial. There are five starting archetypes to choose from: Medic, Challenger, Handler, Gunslinger, and Hunter. Each of these has its own active abilities, passive abilities, gear, and most importantly, playstyle.

Later on in the game, you can unlock dual archetypes, which will allow you to merge a second archetype into your original. If you’re torn between two of the classes below, keep one in mind for the future.

Remnant 2 classes tier list

Here are all the starting Remant 2 archetypes ranked:

Tier Class
S Handler
A Medic, Gunslinger
B Hunter, Challenger

Remnant 2 archetype tier list: a woman with grey eyebrows and a cap stands next to her dog.

S tier


While the Handler isn’t the best at any one specific facet of combat or support, the fact that they have a loyal companion with them that buffs teammates and revives downed allies makes them an asset in any situation. Their damage output is enhanced by their dog’s howl, making the Handler an excellent choice if you’re playing with friends, and the Handler’s prime perk means that the dog will revive you if you fall and have dragon hearts available.

Also, you can pet the dog. Just saying.

Remnant 2 archetype tier list: a person wearing a long coat and a gas mask.

A tier


Definitely one for the co-op players among us, the Medic is able to heal teammates and instantly revive downed allies. This can be invaluable in boss fights when standing still for too long will get you killed. Every team needs a Medic, and you’ll forever be loved by your co-op partners if you choose this archetype.

Remnant 2 archetype tier list: a person wearing a cowboy hat, face scarf, and poncho.


The raw damage output of the team, the Gunslinger specializes in filling your foes with lead, and looking good doing it. Their main perk grants infinite ammo when you use a Gunslinger ability, as well as instantly reloading your stowed weapons – it’s surprising how much damage you can pour on your enemies when you don’t have to take a breather.

Remnant 2 archetype tier list: a person wearing a long coat, a hood, and a gas mask.

B tier


The only reason the Hunter is below the Gunslinger in this tier list is that you have to rely on your teammates to really get the most out of this archetype. The Hunter can mark enemies, increasing the amount of damage they take from you and your allies. They also wear a hood and a mask, so, you know, cool and that.

Remnant 2 archetype tier list: a person wearing heavy armor, holding a shotgun.


On the face of it, the Challenger looks to be quite the overpowered choice – a bruiser who excels in the frontline; someone who can reduce their damage taken, revive themselves if they get downed, and deals a ton of damage using melee weapons. But that, there, is where the problems begin. The Challenger relies far too much on melee attacks, so for Remnant 2 bosses or flying enemies, you’re at a massive disadvantage.

Now you know how the Remnant 2 classes stack up, the only thing left to do is decide what you’ll be in the battle against the Root. Bear in mind that team composition also matters, so while the Challenger isn’t all that great in the action-adventure game, they could be much-needed if you have two ranged DPS characters, as they might need a bit of frontline to stay alive. Once you’ve settled on a class, take a look at the best Remnant 2 weapons and mods to get your hands on.