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How to get the Remnant 2 Shielded Heart relic

The Shielded Heart relic grants a protective shield using one of the relic's charges, but it's not the easiest relic to find in the game.

Remnant 2 shielded heart: a hcaracter stands with an axe, a necklace of skulls, and long black robes

How do you get the Remnant 2 Shielded Heart relic? The Shielded Heart is an alternative relic to your starting one, the Dragon Heart, and provides a shield for 100% of your maximum health. It lasts 20 seconds or until the shield is broken by enemy damage.

If you’re wondering how to unlock the Shielded Heart in Remnant 2, we’ve figured out the complex puzzle leading to its location. We’ve also put together a Remnant 2 archetypes to help you decide as to which class to take on the Root. You can also unlock dual archetypes, so be sure to brush up on how.

Remnant 2 shielded heart relic: the heart now has a hard outer shell

How to get the Shielded Heart relic

Here’s how to find the Remnant 2 Shielded Heart:

  • Head to the Tower of the Unseen.
  • After solving the door and orb puzzle go back through the door to the right.
  • Head up the ramp and through the open door.
  • At the first lift on the right, the lift should be at the top.
  • Jump down through the hole where the lift platform usually is.
  • Drop down through a hole in the floor.
  • Place the orb in the receiver on the platform.
  • A new door will open, go through it and down the lift.
  • The Shielded Heart will glow purple ahead of you.

The door and orb puzzle that leads to the Shielded Heart is located in the Tower of the Unseen. To solve it, you just need to collect the orbs which are placed in receivers near doors which slam shut and lock with a red glow when the orb is removed. Using the series of doors, ramps, and lifts, you can transport the orbs in the correct order to traverse to the lower area of the Tower of the Unseen. It might take some trial and error, but once you arrive on the bottom floor you’ll take on a mini boss before receiving a ring from the fountain area.

Remnant 2 shielded heart: the orb receiver is on a platform you cannot jump to from the ground

Turn around and you’ll spot a platform which leads to another orb receiver. To get to this platform you need to head up the ramp to the right of the statue and through the open door. Make sure you have an orb in your inventory.

Remnant 2 shielded heart: a lift platform has a hole you can drop down through to reach the platform

When you go through the door, look right, and you’ll see a lift area – but if you’ve completed the puzzle already, the lift platform will be on the upper level. Look down through the lift platform and drop down, then drop down again.

Dunking the orb opens a door to the right which you can go through to get the Remnant 2 shielded heart

You’ll now be on the platform directly opposite the orb receiver. Dunk the orb and a door will open to the right, leading to the shielded heart.

Now that you’ve got the shielded heart relic, you might be wondering how to upgrade it to get more charges. After elevating your build, you’re ready to take on any of the Remnant 2 bosses in the game.