Remnant: From the Ashes’ adventure mode patch buffs a whole lot of weapons

Good patch notes make everything better

Remnant: From the Ashes now has its first big post-launch content update. The developers at Gunfire Games have previously detailed how the options afforded by the new adventure mode – but now that the patch notes have landed, there’s a whole lot more to enjoy, including a broad set of buffs that make a whole lot of weapons better.

Among the quality of life improvements, you’ll find that in Ward 13, stamina no longer depletes, and it’ll now be a lot tougher to accidentally delete your character, since you now have to hold a button to confirm it. There are also new dead zone settings for analog sticks, so you’ll get a bit more control over how the game feels on a pad.

As for weapons, hunting rifles have bigger magazines and better crit chances, and hunting pistols also get a crit buff – but there’s now a minimum crit distance of 5m. The sniper rifle has gotten a broad rework, making it a bit less effective up close but greatly expanding its power at a distance, including a doubled crit chance.

There’s plenty more, too – you can check the official notes for a complete breakdown of all the changes, but you can expect improvements to more exotic weapons like the Chicago typewriter, particle accelerator, Devastator, Defiler, Eye of the Storm, Hive Cannon, Sporebloom, and Curse of the Jungle God, too.

Importantly, Wasteland Goodboy “has been buffed from Goodboy to Very Goodboy,” too.

Remnant’s standalone quality would’ve been enough to make it a hit, but free content updates – after this, Leto’s Lab hits next week – and big, smart gameplay changes accompanied by detailed patch notes are doing work to make the game even more endearing.