Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations: where to find all 15 statues

Looking for pesky raccoon figurines while trying to avoid Mr X? Here are the locations for all 15 Mr Raccoon statues

resident evil 2 mr raccoon locations all

Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations are one of the many collectables and bonus challenges that you will want to hoover up across your numerous playthroughs. Manage to collect every one of these Resident Evil 2 bobbleheads and you’ll earn the Vermin Extermination achievement, as well as a new model to view in your collection.

Problem is, there are 15 Mr Raccoon statues, and Claire and Leon have quite a lot on their hands already what with the hordes of gnashing undead, Lickers, and poison-spewing lumps of flesh terrorising the city.

What’s more you’ll need to do play through Resident Evil 2 as both Claire and Leon at least once in order to find all Mr Raccoon statues – this is a serious timesink. So we’ve prepared the following list of Mr Raccoon locations in case you’ve missed one of these illusive figurines or are struggling to find the last couple of them.

Don’t forget to keep at least one round spare in case you spot one of these and can’t shoot it to destroy it. It’s also worth noting that you can melee some of these to save on previous ammo.

Without further flimflamming, here’s where to find every Mr Raccoon statue in Resident Evil 2:

  • West Office, on top of some boxes on a shelf
  • S.T.A.R.S. Office, between some boxes and a monitor on a desk
  • Break Room, behind a duffle bag
  • Firing Range, easy to spot near the targets down range
  • Chief’s Office, on a table at the bottom of the staircase
  • West Storage Room, on a windowsill in the adjacent corridor
  • Cafeteria, on a table near a ladder
  • Nap Room, in one of the sleeping pods
  • Supplies Storage, behind a stack of boxes in the sewer
  • Alligator boss fight (Leon only), after killing the alligator look along the sides of the tunnel
  • Incinerator Room as Ada (Leon only), close to a bag and three safety cones
  • East Storage Room (Claire only), hidden on a shelf near some mannequins
  • Bus behind RPD Station (Claire only), check the dashboard of a bus behind the station
  • Nursery in Orphanage (Claire only), you’ll spot this as Sherry, but won’t be able to destroy it until playing as Claire
  • Police Station Entrance (2nd Run only), at the very start of your 2nd Run in a bed of plants by a staircase

And there you have it, all Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations. Hopefully you’re now one achievement better off and have wasted minimal time hunting down tiny mascots. Sure, the reward isn’t exactly worth the effort, but nothing beats getting one step closer to the 100% score on a game.

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