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Resident Evil 7’s End of Zoe DLC finally adds a non-creepy hillbilly

resident evil 7 end of zoe dlc release date

Resident Evil 7 was all about those creepy, swamp-dwelling hillbillies. I know what you’re thinking: “Where are the positive portrayals of swamp-dwelling hillbillies in games?” Friends, have I got good news for you. RE7’s upcoming End of Zoe DLC finally gives us a hillbilly who appears to be neither zombie nor psychopath.

Resident Evil 7 features one of PC gaming’s most horrifying chases.

The new TAPE-02 “Redfield” trailer showcases both bits of story content coming to the game via End of Zoe and Not a Hero, with each new campaign taking place following the conclusion of RE7. (So spoiler warning.)

That choice you make at the end of the game’s second act has apparently been canonized to leave Zoe behind – which is honestly the only thing that makes sense. Yet poor Zoe finds herself alone in the woods covered by a crystalline substance and generally the worse for wear, until she’s helped out by a mysterious dude named Joe who calls here “family.” Nothing untoward in this interaction at all, and I’m sure the story will not end in tragedy for them both.

Not a Hero will feature Chris Redfield tracking down Lucas Baker, the member of the family who managed to escape the doom and destruction that came by the end of the game. It looks to be way more focused on mysterious science and all-out action, which seems appropriate for where Redfield is at by this point in RE lore.

End of Zoe will be available on December 12 either as part of the season pass or Gold Edition, or a separate purchase of £11.99 / €14.99 / $14.99. Not a Hero will release the same date as a free addition for all owners of the game. Sad that they’ll be missing the Halloween season, but at least we have all this spooky trailer material to get creepy with.