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Resident Evil Village, but every time you see Lady Dimitrescu her hat gets bigger

No longer will you have to look back in fear

Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu with a big hat indeed

Lady Dimitrescu is a 9’6″ mutant human aristocrat who is responsible for countless acts of mass murder and cannibalism over the years. Naturally, then, she’s been made to look very silly and almost entirely unthreatening by Resident Evil Village modders on PC.

One of the more recent mods to catch my eye takes the big baddie’s hat and makes it grow in size every time you see Lady Dimitrescu come your way. It’s not too noticeable at first, leaving you double-taking here and there to see if something has changed. Eventually, though, it’ll take up the entirety of the room. Thankfully the hat isn’t solid enough to stop the game’s big bad from leaving a room. It does cast a big shadow, though, which is oddly amusing.

You can’t download the mod for yourself just yet, though content creator Kallialee used the Fluffy Manager – I know – mod manager and FOV trainer to put it together. You can find instructions on how to download and use it at the link.

In the meantime, though, do enjoy Lady D and her big ol’ hat:

YouTube Thumbnail

We do love a bit of Lady Dimitrescu around these parts. Jordan figured out five tall things that she can reach, and we wrote about the time someone gave Resident Evil 8 and Lady Dimitrescu the PS1 demake treatment.

We like the game, too! In his Resident Evil Village review, Dustin says that the game “pulls the best bits from the series’ past and recombines them into something fresh and surprising”. It can’t maintain that momentum for its entire run, sadly, but Village’s heights – ahem – make it worth a playthrough.

If you’re looking for the best Resident Evil Village mods, you know where to click. One of them turns Lady Dimitrescu’s face into Thomas the Tank Engine, naturally.