Getting smoked by Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu is currently a PS5 exclusive

The 'PlayStation Advantage' now includes the internet's giant woman fetish

People are extremely thirsty for Resident Evil Village‘s giant woman, who we now know is named Lady Dimitrescu, which I think I basically understand. People also seem to want to get murdered by her, a desire I’ve got less of a grip on, but hey, you’ve got the opportunity. Just, uh… only if you have a PlayStation 5.

If you intend to play the PlayStation 5 exclusive Maiden demo (or watch a playthrough on YouTube or something), be aware that spoilers are going to follow – though there really isn’t too much to spoil. The Maiden demo is a brief little teaser in the vein of Resident Evil 7’s Beginning Hour, where you do some light exploration and puzzle-solving while soaking in a bit of RE lore.

As best I could tell from the fragmented story told through notes, you’re a woman working as a servant at Dimitrescu Castle, you get thrown in the dungeon, and then you’ve gotta escape. That pretty much means finding various quest items while getting spooked by noises around the castle. There’s no combat, but one of the vampire women does take a bite out of you toward the end.

At the very end of the demo, as you’re about to escape the castle, Lady Dimitrescu crouches through a door to stop you. Yes, it’s her! She grabs you by the throat (hot), turns her fingers into giant blades (not hot?), and stabs you in the face (pretty sure not hot, but the internet’s thirst has surprised me before).

My guess is that this all means your character in this demo will be one of the undead vampire women Ethan encounters in the full game, since you do suffer that vampire bite. But hey, you’re not here for lore, you’re here to get first-person choked by the Lady. So here’s a video.

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The Resident Evil Village release date is set for May 7, 2021. We will get a PC demo sometime before that, though it won’t be the Maiden demo. Hopefully(?) it’ll still include getting smoked by Lady Dimitrescu. Or maybe her mom. Though I suspect her mom is already a monster. To be clear, Lady Dimitrescu is definitely a monster and will surely also look like one by the end of the game. But maybe mom is extra monsterish. Who can say, and I don’t know what you’re into, so… have fun?