Resident Evil Village’s giant woman has a mom

Mother Miranda has some role to play in the RE8 story

Resident Evil Village – or Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil VIIIage – is making more waves than even a new entry in a beloved series of horror games should, and that’s because everyone is horny for the giant woman, whose name we now know is Lady Dimitrescu. Well, now the Resident Evil Showcase is here, and with it, the knowledge that the lady has a mom.

Resident Evil Village is set a few years after the events of RE7, as Ethan and Mia (I guess that makes one ending into definitive canon) move to a new location in order to get away from all their previous trauma. Of course, things go bad, and not in a ‘tall, sexy homewrecking vampire moves in next door’ kind of way.

In the trailer, we see the big lady speaking to a mysterious ‘Mother Miranda’, while making reference to her ‘daughters’ – presumably the female vampires who’ve been appearing throughout the teaser trailers. It appears that the monstrous family kidnaps Ethan and Mia’s daughter.

The Resident Evil 8 release date is set for May 7, 2021.

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