Resident Evil Village hits Steam in 2021, and it “ups the ante on action a bit”

Capcom reveals a few extra details on the game we're not supposed to call Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 – sorry, I mean Resident Evil Village, emphasis on the VIll – was revealed as part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 event today, confirming that we’re once again returning to the style of first-person horror that debuted in RE7. While the new horror title made its debut among a gaggle of PS5 games, have no fear – it is coming to PC, too.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to launch on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X in 2021 – pending any development delays, of course. Unlike some other third-party titles showcased at the Sony event – like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo – it won’t skip the Microsoft console.

“Once again we’re planning a fresh take on survival horror – this time upping the ante on action a bit”, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda explains in a developer video. You’ll play as RE7 protagonist Ethan once again, whose efforts to forget the nightmare of the Baker house fall apart when Chris Redfield shows up and, judging by the trailer, starts shooting things.

The details we see here match up with some of the Resident Evil 8 leaks and rumours from earlier this year, which suggested the game would take place in a snowy village with new, werewolf-like monsters – which we certainly see in the footage.

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On the new official site, Capcom says more details are coming in August. There are plenty more horror games for you to check out in the meantime.