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This Steam racing RPG is a perfect blend of Mad Max and Borderlands

Day of the Devs has shown off Resistor, an upcoming open-world driving RPG that channels mad max, Borderlands, and a little bit of Redline.

Resistor Day of the Devs: a young woman sat in a car as we look in through the door window, with short blonde hair and a black tank top

Resistor sure looks great. The upcoming driving open-world RPG game has been shown off at Day of the Devs, giving us our best look at what’s in store. If you’re a fan of the Mad Max game, a little bit of Borderlands’ corporate overtones, and some honest-to-goodness death racing, you need to check this out.

A narrative-driven open-world RPG game built around racing more than anything else, Resistor continues to look like a lot of fun. I’m get a little bit of Mad Max, Borderlands, and even the ever-excellent film Redline (this is my excuse to get you to watch Redline if you haven’t, it’s superb) in Resistor, in no small part due to the post-apocalyptic race-to-survive world build by Long Way Home.

Set in 2060 after world governments have collapsed, the world is dominated by corporate-owned city-states that annually host massive death races that give the winner permanent citizenship. At this point, the Mad Max and Borderlands influences probably become quite clear, with a death pod race vibe strinkled on top for good measure.

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You’ll be able to accept a lot of missions in Resistor, all of which can boost your reputation and even unlock extra story arcs and endings in the game too. You’ll have a crew to manage, upgrades to obtain, bosses to fight (or race, I guess) and a lot of customization options too, so your ride can look exactly how you want it to.

You can check out Resistor right now on Steam and give it a wishlist to stay up to date too.

With The Game Awards Day of the Devs showcase giving us fresh new looks at plenty of incredible games, you’ll want to add them to your ever-expanding list of upcoming PC games, and maybe even the best PC games when they finally come out.

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