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Funky FPS horror game RetroSpace reveals its grand-scale space station

Dead Space meets BioShock and Prey in funky FPS horror game RetroSpace, and a new look at its larger-scale space station environments is looking spectacular.

RetroSpace - a man in a space suit looks terrified as he backs up next to a door, peering around the corner with wide-eyed fear

RetroSpace blends the claustrophobic corridors of Dead Space with the retro-futuristic designs and immersive sim stylings of BioShock and Prey to create a funky, fear-filled FPS horror game that we’re very excited about. But it’s not all tight environments, as RetroSpace developer The Wild Gentlemen unveils a glimpse at some of the bigger space station locations you’ll visit on your adventure.

In a clip shared to Twitter for ‘Screenshot Saturday,’ an ongoing trend encouraging game developers to share work on their upcoming projects, The Wild Gentlemen shows the player exploring a vast glass dome aboard a space station. A walkway rounds the circumference of the room, with a giant statue of a winged figure dominating the centre of the space. It’s mostly dark, but a spotlight on the statue and several glowing advertisement hoardings punctuate the gloom.

“We’ll have our fair share of claustrophobic horror corridors (of course!),” the developer reassures fans, “but there’ll be plenty of wide-open spaces to navigate through. Like this little (very early work in progress) dome for example.” If this is an indication of what we can expect elsewhere, that’s great news – it’s immediately eye-catching, and absolutely reminiscent of that sense of wonder felt when encountering more open spaces in games such as Dead Space or BioShock.

We here at PCGamesN were already very taken by the initial reveal of RetroSpace and its impressive balancing between a funky space soundtrack, colourful humour, and quite frankly terrifying enemy models, with The Wild Gentlemen citing the likes of classic immersive sims such as System Shock as inspirations. Seeing just how vast and open its larger scope gets only serves to further cement its place on my wishlist.

I was particularly taken by how well RetroSpace’s developer walked the line between warm humour and perfectly capturing that classic film noir detective vibe in its previous outing, the bizarre but delightful Chicken Police – Paint it RED! As such, I’m eager for more news on RetroSpace as and when it comes. There’s currently no release date set but, in the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam if you’re also hooked.

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