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Fans have recreated Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s cut single-player campaign

A modder has recreated the long-lost Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory single-player campaign.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory now has single-player

A modder has taken aim at recreating the long-lost Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory single-player campaign as part of the game’s 20th-anniversary celebration. The campaign expansion, which was supposed to come out in 2003, has been fully reimagined – and is now available on Steam.

Enemy Territory was originally meant to be a full paid expansion to 2001’s Return To Castle Wolfenstein reboot, but the single-player side reportedly ran into development problems and was removed. The multiplayer – by Gears Tactics developer Splash Damage – was released in 2003 for free, where it proved incredibly popular.

While nothing official of the single-player side has been released, modder William Faure has recreated the campaign based on Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory’s multiplayer maps – complete with voice acting – which can be installed along with the RealRTCW overhaul mod that released on Steam in October. Simply download Return To Castle Wolfenstein and the RealRTCW mod on Steam, then subscribe to the single-player add-on on Steam Workshop. You can now head into RealRTCW and launch the new campaign via the Add-Ons menu.

The map design is a little GoldenEye-like, with multiple objectives to be accomplished and even the opportunity for stealth. It’s certainly worth a look for anyone who enjoyed Return To Castle Wolfenstein and would like a theoretical glimpse of what Enemy Territory’s single-player side could’ve been like. You can also check it out on ModDB.

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At the very least, it’s something Wolfenstein to play while we wait for MachineGames’ Wolfenstein 3 – which is definitely coming but hasn’t been announced yet. Alternatively, there’s also the excellent Wolfenstein 3D fan-sequel Blade of Agony, which is finally complete after years in developmenet.