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Wolfenstein 3D fan-sequel coming end of April

Blade of Agony becomes complete in less than two weeks

A fan-sequel to Wolfenstein 3D that’s been years in the making has a release date. The third chapter of Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony arrives the end of this month, revamping the previous chapters in addition to several more stages of Nazi-killing FPS game action.

The premise here is that you’re a retired B.J. Blazkowicz, who’d taken more of a leadership role in the effort against the fascist oppressors. After receiving an encrypted message from an old friend, he leaps back into the fray, prepared to kill any swastika-toter that stands in his way. Over 30 levels are included across the three chapters, and some secret maps besides, voice-acting, high quality orchestral music, and the expected range of weaponry. There’s plenty of enemies to blast at, including zombies.

Blade of Agony was made using GZDoom, and takes some inspiration from the early Medal of Honor and Call of Duty games, in addition to Wolfenstein itself. The idea is for a World War 2 game that has the intensity of Doom, and the latest trailer indicates the team accomplished that. The levels look long and winding, featuring encounters of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The fidelity on the sniping is particularly impressive. Shaders and special effects are listed among the highlighted features on the official site, and it’s plain to see why.

Many collaborators are involved, but a core team of Daniel ‘Tormentor667’ Gimmer, Dean ‘Doomjuan’ Ascher, Virgilio ‘Ozymandias81’ Virzo, Maxim ‘Doomjedi’ Genis, and Afadoomer lead development.

Here’s the trailer:

To play, you can download it for free – the package comes with all the necessary parts, like GZDoom – on April 30. In the meantime, why not try this Wolfenstein 3D crossover with Monkey Ball.