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All Reveil collectible locations

This psychological puzzle-based thriller has a few head-scratching puzzles to solve, but even more difficult collectibles to find.

a toy clown holding a green and blue ball from reveil

How do you find all of the Reveil collectibles? Spread throughout each of this psychological puzzle thriller’s five chapters are a total of 36 collectible items that add a little bit of lore. However, as you’d expect, such a puzzle game is rather dark or with stark lighting, making finding these collectibles – especially because they’re not noticeable unless directly looked at – a challenge that rivals the difficult puzzles you’ll come across. Never fear, for we’ve put together a guide for all we’ve found.

Interested in learning more about Reveil? We have guides covering some of the hardest puzzles in the game, including how to get out of Dorie’s room in Reveil. Otherwise, continue on to discover where to find all 36 collectibles in the game.

Chapter One Reveil collectibles

There are ten collectibles found in the first chapter of Reveil:

  • Martha’s Ring
  • Old Flyer
  • Toy Motorcycle
  • Dorie’s Pencil Case
  • Toy Train
  • Martha’s Blindfold
  • Cigarette Pack
  • Fortune Card
  • Toy Clown
  • Locomotive

Martha’s Ring

This tiny collectible is found in the bedroom where the game begins. Look to the left of the music box with the key inside it to find the small ring.

Old Flyer

The Old Flyer is found in the living room, accessed after leaving the bedroom area at the start of the game. It’s on a small table between two arm chairs, left of the record player.

Toy Motorcycle

After descending the stairs from the living room toward Dorie’s room, look to the right of the stairs. The Toy Motorcycle is on a low shelf beside a locked door.

Dorie’s Pencil Case

This collectible is found in Dorie’s room on the shelf on the left-hand wall from when you enter the room. This shelf is right beside the large puzzle box with colored marbles inside.

Toy Train

Near the merry-go-round, the Toy Train is set beside a broken wooden horse on a small table.

Martha’s Blindfold

In the back corner of the circus area there is a backstage tent. In it, you’ll find Martha’s Blindfold to the left of the entrance on a table. It requires viewing the table before being able to pick it up.

Cigarette Pack

Look to the right of Zohan and the fuse box at the back of the backstage tent to find this collectible on a low box.

Fortune Card

After obtaining coins from the cash register near the fun house outside, place a coin in the Zohan fortune telling box. After Zohan finishes giving his fortune, the Fortune Card will pop out of a slot at the bottom.

Toy Clown

Not long after entering the fun house, this creepy clown can be found in the room with upside down bookshelves and chairs. It’s on the right-hand side near the end of the hallway.


In the foggy room with cardboard cutouts of trees in the fun house, you’ll have to activate and follow a small train with a string attached to reach the exit. Once you do reach the exit, pick the train up to obtain this collectible.

Chapter Two Reveil collectibles

There are nine collectibles found in the second chapter of Reveil:

  • Circus Ticket
  • Dorie’s Brush
  • Training Plan
  • Torn Sketch
  • Light Bulb
  • Broken Mask
  • Mannequin Head
  • Makeup Box
  • Magnetic Chess Piece

Circus Ticket

This collectible is found right beside the music box you must place the small statuette into in order to reveal the door key.

Dorie’s Brush

Just outside of Dorie’s room, look to the left to find the brush on the small chair there.

Training Plan

Within Martha’s studio after the bath scene, the training plan is found beneath the set of stairs leading up to the second later. Look for a nondescript piece of paper.

Torn Walter Sketch

On the second floor of Martha’s studio, the Torn Sketch is discarded on the floor beside the chair. You’ll have to crouch to pick it up.

Broken Mask

Once inside the garage/the workshop with the neon lighting and the symbol-based puzzle, look behind the wooden horse near the entrance to find this Broken Mask low to the ground.

Mannequin Head

Once on the train, turn around and walk to the back of the train. In the corner on two stacks of hay you’ll find the Mannequin Head resting there.

Makeup Box

In one of the train cars are several cabins where the circus staff slept. In the family cabin where Walter, Martha, and Dorie slept, check the bottom left bunk to find the Makeup Box. It’s rather dark and hard to spot.

Magnetic Chess Piece

In the lounge area of the train, where several sets are facing each other with plenty of food and bottles strewn about, check the table with a chess set on it. You can pick up the piece closest to you as a collectible.

Chapter Three Reveil collectibles

There are six collectibles in the third chapter of Reveil:

  • Old Screwdriver
  • Tarot Card
  • Dirty Plushie
  • Fortune Package
  • Strange Card
  • Winch

Old Screwdriver

At the beginning of the chapter when you first wake up, look to his right to find this collectible on a small bench.

Tarot Card

At the beginning of the chapter, head into Agatha’s wagon to the right of where you wake up. The Zohan fortune telling box is in the back. Trigger it and listen to the fortune and Zohan will dispense the Tarot Card.

Dirty Plushie

This one is extremely difficult to spot. Located not far along the road to the circus at the beginning of the chapter, search to the right off the path to find the Dirty Plushie. It’s not far after the arrow sign with ‘Circus’ written upon it.

Fortune Package

Outside of the now-closed entrance to the backstage tent, look to your right to find this collectible on a stack of pallets.

Strange Card

This is found at the back area of the circus on the bench of a picnic table. The picnic table is to the left of the Big Show Main Entrance archway.


After crouching past all the creepy mannequins in the sideshow attraction building, this collectible is located on a workbench on the left-hand side of the room.

Chapter Four Reveil collectibles

There are six collectibles to find in the fourth chapter of Reveil:

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Lighter
  • Car Keys
  • Rubix Cube
  • Flask
  • Super Sloth Comic

Crossword Puzzle

Take the left-hand staircase up from where you wake up and head straight to reach the backstage tent. Within, you’ll find the Crossword Puzzle half-obscured by a blinding light on a workbench table to the right of the entrance.


Also found within the backstage tent is the Lighter, which you can nab from the central table. It’s placed on the edge of the large map.

Car Keys

Deep within the dark forest you’ll enter a gas station in order to obtain one of three Mysterious Orbs required to advance the plot. Beside the cash register at the back, the small car keys are set upon the countertop.

Rubix Cube

The Rubix Cube is found outside of Dorie’s room, which you can stumble upon by hugging the river until you reach where it’s inset into the hillside. You’ll have to crouch to spot it.


In the dark forest you’ll stumble upon an office desk. The quickest way to reach it is to take the right-hand path after waking up and heading straight. Within one of the open drawers of the desk, you’ll find the Flask there; however, the flashlight is so bright it might be difficult to see if you can pick up an item there.

Super Sloth Comic

Straight from the backstage tent’s entrance and down and left from the broken Zohan machine, you’ll cross a small bridge with a bright-white bookshelf on the other side of it. Grab this comic at the base of the bookshelf.

Chapter Five Reveil collectibles

There are five collectibles found in the final, shocking chapter of Reveil. Be warned that their locations contain spoilers:

  • Ticket Stack
  • Fancy Pen
  • Sketch of Dorie
  • Puzzle Sphere
  • Prototype Cube

Ticket Stack

The first collectible of this chapter is found after you exit the house and enter the large warehouse area. On the desk beside the computer are a stack of tickets you can collect.

Fancy Pen

This pen found at the end of the small server room maze on a desk, accessed after unlocking the first set of doors.

Sketch of Dorie

This is found after unlocking the second set of doors, at the back of the room with all the models on large tables. In the room with the red glow and computer you can access, look near the large data disks to find this sketch.

Puzzle Sphere

This collectible is found after waking up from a flashback sequence in the padded room. It’s on a gurney in the hallway outside, to the left.

Prototype Cube

Turn left when entering the computer room that requires power to use. In the room labeled Generation 2, this collectible can be found on a desk inside the door and along the left-hand wall.

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