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How to get out of Dorie’s room in Reveil

There are puzzles galore in Dorie’s room, so complete them all to find her sketch book key and get out of the circus-themed room in Reveil.

A clown toy sits on a chair in Dorie's room in Reveil, and holds the sketch book key.

Where is the Reveil sketch book key in Dorie’s room? Reveil is based on a circus family, so of course there are games aplenty as you progress through the horror game. A classic creepy, psychological game, pretty much every door you walk through in Reveil closes behind you, so get ready to solve some puzzles to get yourself back out of Dorie’s room.

To get out of Dorie’s room in Reveil, you need to find the key to her drawing book, and doing so requires following her hand-drawn map through a series of puzzles and games. While it is a horror game, Reveil is also a puzzle game at its core, but if your grey matter has been worn out by fear, then we can help you find the sketch book key and get out of Dorie’s room.

A map leading you to the way out of Dorie's room in Reveil.

How to get out of Dorie’s room in Reveil

The key to escaping Dorie’s room is a hand-drawn map pinned to the wall. The map shows a path through a small box, a horse race, a maze, and a clown, all of which relate to their own game or item around the room, and lead to the locked sketch book on her bed.

First, the small box is on Dorie’s desk, and contains a token. This token is for the next item, the horse race marble game, located back over near the map. To get the marbles out, put the token in the top, pull the lever on the right hand side, and pull the pin out at the bottom. If you don’t open the bottom, the marbles won’t come out, but you can just pull the lever to start the race again. Pick up any one of the marbles, it doesn’t matter which – Walter says all of them are his favorite color.

After the horse race, go back over to Dorie’s desk and pick up the maze. This one’s tricky, as you need to use your mouse or controller to move the marble through the maze. However, if you’re struggling, the holes will eventually close over. Upon getting the marble to the end of the maze, the box opens up revealing some plastic teeth. With the teeth in hand, locate the clown’s head next to Dorie’s bed for the final stage of the puzzle.

Dorie's locked sketch book sits on the bed in Reveil.

How to find Dorie’s sketch book key

The key to Dorie’s drawing book is located in the clown, but it’s not immediately obvious how to get it out. First you need to place the plastic teeth in the clown’s mouth, but – as might only be obvious to anyone who had this toy as a kid – you must also press down on some of the teeth.

To first open the clown’s mouth, turn the camera to the back of its head and twist the key. Rotate the camera back to the clown’s face, and you can now place the teeth. The aim of this game is usually to avoid the teeth chomping down on you, but, in this case, that’s just what we want. Press down on the tooth at the front right to close the clowns’ mouth – though you can just press them all in any order until you hit the right one.

When the mouth closes back down, an opening on the top reveals a giraffe shaped key, which can then be used to open the sketch book on Dorie’s bed. We won’t tell you what happens from there, suffice to say that it reveals your exit.

Now you’re out of Dorie’s room, it’s time to explore the circus around which this dysfunctional family seems to revolve in Reveil, but there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome. If you need any more help along the way, we’ve got a guide to the Reveil combination lock puzzle, and an aid through the machine at the end of the game – but don’t read that one until you’re ready, or you’ll spoil the game. Plus, make sure you gather all of the Reveil collectibles to reveal more about Walter and his doomed family.