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This 4X game is like Civilization 6 with terraforming and terminators

4X strategy game Revival Recolonization gets its full Steam release, in a Civilization 6 rival with a post-apocalyptic, transforming world.

Revival Recolonization is a 4X strategy game like Civilization 6 with terminators and terraforming.

If you’re looking for a new 4X game while we await news of Civilization 7, this post-apocalyptic spin on the strategy game sub-genre all about exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating might be just what you’re after. Bringing the established hex grids of Civilization 6, Old World, and Endless Legend to a ruined, futuristic version of Earth, Revival: Recolonization version 1.0 has just released on Steam following just under ten months in early access.

Revival: Recolonization is set in the wake of a catastrophe that left mankind on the brink of destruction. Choosing one of its clans to ally yourself with, you’ll guide them through four distinct eras of this 4X game as you rebuild society in a broken world, discovering futuristic technologies that will allow you to survive against both the evolved creatures of the wasteland and a hostile machine race of terminator-like automatons known as the All-Mind.

Each of the factions in Revival has a preference for where they thrive, but rather than attempting to adapt to your environment you can instead rebuild the world to your liking. Powerful terraforming tools will enable you to dramatically change the map, transforming arid deserts into areas of lush forest or snowy taiga and flattening entire mountains to make space for your expansion.

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You’ll encounter all manner of artifacts from before the cataclysm that bestow distinct bonuses, along with anomalies that can provide unexpected effects. It’s also important to tool up your armies to survive against the All-Mind automatons, the beasts of the wasteland, and even other rival factions – with the ability to create and destroy protective cover alongside the terraforming tools helping you to shape encounters to your advantage.

Revival: Recolonization version 1.0 is out now on Steam. To celebrate its launch out of early access, there’s also a Steam sale giving you a 20% discount, meaning you’ll pay just £23.99/£19.99 if you buy it before Thursday April 25, down from its usual price of $29.99/£24.99.

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