Rift: Storm Legion expansion pre-purchase now available on Steam


Rift: Storm Legion pre-orders have been open for just over a month, but only now has the Steam-particular coining – the pre-purchase – come to pass. Do it now, and there’s a Steam-exclusive in-game gift in it for you.

That’s right! Become a pre-purchaser and you too can become proud wearer of the lazily-named Death Cape. Look, I’m sorry – I can only work with what I’m given here.

But! Storm Legion itself is a dramatically more exciting proposition, arriving as it does with two new continents and a new stronghold for both Guardians and Defiant, Tempest Bay.

Here’s its premise, as described by Valve, first noticed by VG247.

“Crucia – Dragon of Air and the Queen of Storms – has waited patiently while her fellow dragons were slain by the Ascended. Now it is down to her and Regulos, the Devourer of Worlds, to divide the spoils of Telara.

“Both dragons and their cults plan on activating the Infinity Gate, but Crucia is better prepared for the titanic battles that await. The Queen of Storms has kept her Legion’s power subdued until now, saving her cult’s strength for this final struggle to regain her power and conquer the cosmos.

“Only the Ascended stand in opposition. The fate of Telara rests with you.”

How goes it, Riftians? Are you itching for new lands to thunder across?