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Free Games: Rime is currently free on the Epic Games store

2017 adventure puzzle game Rime will be free to keep if you claim it before May 30

Rime Exploration

Remember Tequila Works’ brilliant and beguiling puzzle-platformer, Rime? Its character-driven gameplay, fun mechanics, and simple, sunny aesthetics can now be yours to enjoy, entirely free, if you claim it on the Epic Games store before May 30. Its usual price is $29.99 (£29.99), so if you like beautiful adventures in the vaguely Journey-shaped mould, now’s the time to visit that mysterious island.

In our summary, back in 2017, we hailed Rime as a game that conjured up many “memorable moments of haunting mystery as well as carefree joy”. Packed full of secret puzzles hidden away in caves and opportunities for combat-free exploration, we thought that “the game really does a great job of catching the childlike wonderment of discovery”.

The game’s lead designer, Kevin Sarda, adds that Rime offers plenty of replay value: “you can jump into it again just to chase some boars, or gather clues and create theories on how all the characters – the child, the bird, the fox, the island itself – are connected.”

Sound good? Head to EGS here and you can add Rime to your account for free.

Next week EGS will give away another game free – the Arabian-inspired swashbuckler City of Brass – so you’ve got until May 30 to pick Rime up. You can find loads more freebies in our handy best free PC games feature!