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This co-op sci-fi shooter is having a free weekend and sale on Steam

Co-op FPS game Ripout is having a free Steam weekend to celebrate its newest update, alongside a 40% off sale for when it's over too.

Ripout free weekend Steam

If you’re looking for a new co-op FPS romp to try with some friends, sci-fi PvE shooter Ripout is currently having a free weekend on Steam, alongside a 40% off sale after then if you want to dive back in. With the same grungy spaceship interiors that define Doom, the PvE action of Left 4 Dead, and the looting extraction gameplay of Escape From Tarkov, Ripout has it all.

Published by 3D Realms, we already compared Ripout to the lovechild of the likes of Doom and Left 4 Dead, as it offers up some hard sci-fi and co-op PvE action against the backdrop of procedurally generated levels. The FPS game even has short 10-20 minute missions and a scalable difficulty based on how many of you are in session.

Set on a variety of abandoned and mutant-filled spaceships, your goal is simple: get in, collect loot, and get out. Three players can suit up and explore, take out aliens, find goodies, and then attempt to extract with all they find. You can even play solo, so if you think you’d last on the Nostromo against the Xenomorph, you can prove it here.

There are also some really cool new ideas in Ripout, such as big mutant enemies that ingest smaller creatures and evolve in front of you, and you’ve even got the “pet gun” – a living weapon that can enhance itself as you play, and you can even pet it.

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The Ripout New Beginning Update has also dropped alongside the free weekend, so you’ll be met with an expanded tutorial if you’re a new player, a new AI companion, a brand new enemy type called the Leaper, a new sidearm in the missile pistol, and destructible blockade doors will now sometimes block your path forward too.

Do keep in mind that Ripout launched, and is still, in Steam Early Access, so the price and content will reflect that.

As you read this Ripout’s free Steam weekend is running until Monday, April 8 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST and 4am on April 9 AEDT. On top of the free weekend there’s also a sale of 40% off until Friday, April 19, so expect to pay $14.99 / £12.59.

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