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Risk of Rain 2 prepares a big free update alongside new DLC

Beloved, 96% rated co-op Steam roguelike game Risk of Rain 2 is preparing a free Devotion update alongside its Seekers of the Storm DLC.

Risk of Rain 2 DLC Seekers of the Storm is coming soon, alongside the free Devotion update - A large humanoid figure rests a heavy club across their shoulders.

A free Risk of Rain 2 update is set to arrive soon, bringing a new map and artifacts to the top-notch co-op roguelike game as developer Gearbox Software prepares for the launch of its next big Risk of Rain 2 DLC Seekers of the Storm. In a new developer diary, the team digs into some of the gorgeous new environments we’ll get to explore in the upcoming expansion. We also get a look at a special crossover with fellow roguelike darling Dead Cells, which lands alongside new map Verdant Falls in the free Devotion update.

Risk of Rain 2 Seekers of the Storm follows on from the 2022 expansion Survivors of the Void, and will introduce new survivors, levels, monsters, and more to one of Steam’s most popular co-op roguelike games, which boasts an incredible 96% user score from more than 180,000 lifetime reviews. There will also be day and night variants, with different layouts to explore in each version, including a night variant for the new Verdant Falls area.

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Seekers of the Storm will feature a total of six new stages, including everything from “ancient Lemurian temples” to “intense showdowns on a [redacted],” with plenty of secrets to be uncovered. “Petrichor V is a wild and beautiful world,” Gearbox Software says, “and we wanted to open up new, unexplored areas to players and capture the sheer beauty inherited from the expansive Risk of Rain universe” after it took over from original developer Hopoo Games.

One of these new areas is the Shattered Abodes, a “sprawling central plain and a crater surrounded by sections of complex architecture to dodge and fight around.” That means you’ll have to watch your step, although the winding paths and intermittent cover at each teleporter location gives a lot of potential for clever play, especially if you’re making use of survivors with high vertical mobility.

Risk of Rain Seekers of the Storm is coming soon, although there’s currently no fixed release date. You’ll only require one member of your party to own the DLC to enable the expansion for everyone in your game, although players who haven’t bought it will be unable to play as the new survivors or permanently unlock the newly added items, logbooks, and other content.

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As mentioned, the team is also planning a new free update – the Risk of Rain 2 Devotion update – featuring more artifacts and enemies, along with the new Verdant Falls map. It’s also “coming soon,” and will add a special alternative skin based on The Prisoner, the protagonist of Dead Cells. Gearbox says the update “serves as a heartfelt token of appreciation to all who have contributed to making Risk of Rain 2 the phenomenal game it is today.”

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