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Brutal, realistic survival game Road to Vostok has a new demo, kind of

Road to Vostok, the brutal and realistic survival shooter with hints of Fallout and Stalker, has a new demo version available to play now.

Road to Vostok demo Steam: A character holding a gun in survival game Road to Vostok

Road to Vostok is a seriously impressive-looking survival game. Borrowing from Stalker, Fallout, and the mainstays of cruel wasteland gameplay, it’s the opus of a single developer, the pseudonymous ‘Antti,’ and mixes sharp visuals, heavy gun mechanics, and rugged environments for what looks like an essential upcoming FPS. Tense, brutal, and realistic, a new Road to Vostok demo is available to play right now – or at least there’s a new and improved version of Road to Vostok’s demo, and you can get it today.

It’s a wonderful idea. In a hostile, quasi-post apocalyptic wasteland, you need to cross miles of forest and challenging terrain in order to reach the relative safety of the eponymous Vostok. Ammunition, food, medical supplies, and clothing need to be carefully managed. Gunfights are plausibly lethal. Every decision is crucial, and can make the difference between life and death. Every time we see Road to Vostok, it looks more and more impressive. One of the most tantalizing new survival games, if you want to play it, the new version of the demo is well worth your time.

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After developing Road to Vostok in Unity, Antti has now made the decision to swap to rival engine Godot. As such, the entire Road to Vostok demo has been ported over, alongside a few tweaks and enhancements. Antti says the main purpose of the demo is to test Godot’s stability and functionality ahead of a bigger trial version of the game that is currently in the works.

‘Public Demo 2,’ which is still in development, will allow players to test the ‘main gameplay loop’ of Road to Vostok. Antti says the process of rebuilding the Public Demo 2 maps in Godot is going “smoothly,” though a release date has not been announced. In the meantime, you can try the new version of the Road to Vostok demo right here.

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