People hate Roblox more than any other app in 21 countries

Electronics Hub conducted a sentiment analysis study and found people in 21 countries hate Roblox more than any other app — the most of all apps surveyed

Countries hate Roblox: Roblox logos on a red background rest under an image of the planet.

People hate Roblox more than any other app in 21 countries, according to a sentiment analysis study from a community-driven tutorial and tech review company called Electronics Hub.

The report comes as part of an attempt to understand differing opinions around the world regarding specific mobile apps. Although people worldwide collectively download more than 250 million apps daily, Electronic Hub noted satisfaction with mobile apps is on the decline. So, the company embarked on a mission to see what apps people around the world hated the most.

“We processed over 3 million geotagged tweets related to 87 social media, dating, mobile games, entertainment, cryptocurrency, and money transfer apps. We calculated the percentage of tweets about each app that were negative using the HuggingFace Sentiment Analysis tool, which identifies whether a tweet has positive, negative, or neutral sentiment,” according to Electronics Hub’s report.

Many brands and corporations use sentiment analysis tools to evaluate customer opinions regarding their own campaigns and content. They may also use such tools to analyse their competitors. However, this study sought to determine customer sentiment regarding each app, designating the app with the most negative sentiment to be the country’s most hated.

It found Roblox to be the most-hated app in the most countries, with a total of 21. Second-place Tinder garnered the most hate from only 19 countries.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the sandbox game is the most hated app in the world. That honour goes to the dating app Hinge, with 34.4% of all tweets about the app categorised as negative.

Unfortunately, the analysis doesn’t offer any specific insights about why so many countries might hate Roblox. In the study, Electronics Hub lists poor user interface, ad abundance, glitchy software, and an app’s actual content as possible reasons an app may garner so much hate.

Some countries with the highest percentages of Roblox tweets with negative sentiment include North Korea and several Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Others include Portugal, France, and Switzerland. Interestingly, the study points out that in some cases, the data showed clusters of neighbouring countries held the highest negative sentiment toward specific apps.

In the U.S., Roblox is the most hated popular app in Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Utah, and the District of Columbia, the analysis shows.

While the data is interesting, it does little to offer insight into why people tend to like or dislike a particular app. For example, Roblox is banned in North Korea, which may lead to negative sentiment involving the app in that country.

In some cases, the tweets analysed may simply reflect a vocal, outspoken minority. Further, as many of Roblox’s users are younger, they may be more inclined to share and engage on the platform in ways people in specific countries find disrespectful. Or, these younger users may share a disproportionate number of negative messages on social media relative to their older peers. Differences in opinion about Roblox may also boil down to cultural differences regarding pay-to-win mechanics, which are more widely accepted in some parts of the world than others.

Roblox also experiences issues with hacking and moderation, which could influence cultural trends in specific regions. This is particularly true if moderation is particularly poor in specific countries.

Regardless, the study isn’t definitive proof of an app’s successes or failures in any country. As of the first quarter of 2022, Roblox had 54.1 million daily active users, which is significant growth from 32.6 million daily active users in 2020.

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