Roblox profile pictures added to the sandbox game’s mobile app

With Roblox profile pictures now rolling out on mobile, Robloxians are no longer tied to using standard avatar expressions for their profile images

Roblox profile pictures roll out on mobile: Three Roblox avatars 'pose' in a swirly, dark background.

Roblox profile pictures are now rolling out on mobile, meaning players no longer need to use their standard avatar expressions as their profile images. Robloxians now have the option to customise the images of their avatars, allowing them to ‘pose’ based on emotes in the sandbox game platform.


The option lets players choose from emote options to help stylise their avatar pictures. They can also purchase additional poses if they desire. Robloxians then have the option to scroll in for a close-range portrait or scroll back for a half-body shot of their avatars.

If players update their avatars after taking and saving their profile pictures, the picture doesn’t change until the player updates and saves a new image.

Because users can now change the size and shape of the profile picture of their avatars, players can expect much more diversity in looks when they scroll across their Friends list in the future.

Roblox’s profile pictures haven’t reached all mobile users yet. Like many technology companies, Roblox will often roll out features to a smaller group of users who can test them, which helps the company manage bugs and feedback. Typically, these companies will expand the feature throughout the platform if the rollout goes smoothly.

It’s possible for PC players who don’t have the feature yet to update their profile pictures on Roblox, but they can only do so by editing the codebase. YouTuber KreekCraft shared the process for doing so in a recent video. However, Roblox doesn’t recommend doing this, as editing the codebase can interfere with other features on the platform.

If you’d like to see if you have the update, be sure to update your Roblox app on your mobile device to the newest version of the app.

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