Roblox Creator Marketplace will prioritise verified creators

As part of a recent update to Roblox Studio, the Roblox Creator Marketplace will default to showing only work by verified creators

Roblox Creator Marketplace will now default to showing content from only verified creators.

The Roblox Creator Marketplace will default to showing only content from verified creators on its page as part of a new update to Roblox Studio, This, paired with a new phone verification system for creators, is designed to make the Roblox ecosystem safer for people perusing the Marketplace.

“Starting today, Marketplace will only expose assets from creators who are ID or phone verified by default,” a post on the Roblox Developer Forum titled “Improvements to Marketplace Safety” reads. “This change will improve safety and accountability for all Marketplace users.”

Unverified creators can continue to upload their creations to the sandbox game, but users must select an option to choose to view those creations in their searches.

In addition to the updated default option, the Roblox Creator Marketplace has also now implemented a phone number verification system. Previously, Roblox required an image of an official form of identification for users to become verified on the Roblox Creator Marketplace.

Phone verification will unlock higher upload limits for Roblox Creator Marketplace contributions, just as ID verification does today, according to an update added to the original post on August 26.

The post also notes that recently-verified users may expect a short delay before their assets appear in the Marketplace by default.

Roblox YouTuber Chizeled pointed out that this change may be in reaction to a recent proliferation of inappropriate content, particularly regarding faces.

While verified users can still theoretically upload content that contains malicious scripts, it’ll result in an account ban, and they’ll be unable to create a new account tied to the phone number they used for the problematic account.

Regardless, all these changes show the steps Roblox is taking to make its platform more accessible and safe for all. The platform, like many others, struggles with moderation due to the breadth of content.

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