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New FPS roguelike rhythm game nets positive reviews on Steam

Robobeat, an FPS rhythm game hybrid similar to Metal: Hellsinger, BPM: Bullets Per Minute, and Hi Fi Rush, is reviewing well on Steam.

New FPS roguelike rhythm game nets positive reviews on Steam: A neon green knight charges through a purple room, a gun and crossbow on the bottom of the screen, from Robobeat.

FPS and rhythm games go well together. We’ve seen this in the past with games like Metal: Hellsinger, which amps up the sense of tension and overall drama of its infernal adventure with a metal soundtrack, and Hi Fi Rush, a bouncy, playable Saturday morning cartoon. We’ve also seen the combination function well in BPM: Bullets Per Minute and, in the PC VR space, with Pistol Whip. Fortunately, studios are still exploring the potential of this potent genre mash up, most recently with the launch of Robobeat, a roguelike spin on the concept that’s drawing in positive reviews on Steam.

Robobeat is a shooter and rhythm game presented through an overarching roguelike design ethos. As you might expect, it requires players to shoot and move in time to the rhythm of the soundtrack’s songs. What’s most unique about it, though, is a feature that allows users to upload and edit tracks from their own library to experiment with how the game handles various styles of music outside of its existing score. It’s also a roguelike, where the levels  are procedurally generated and the range of available weapons and upgrades changes from run to run.

The execution of this concept seems to be going over well with players. Robobeat currently boasts a 98% or Very Positive rating on Steam based on 399 player reviews, which is a promising start if that warm reception helps draw an even bigger audience.

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Robobeat is 20% off until this Tuesday May 21 on Steam, which brings its price down to $15.99 USD / £13.59. Grab a copy here.

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