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RoboCop Rogue City dev wants to make even more licensed IP games

RoboCop Rogue City developer Teyon hopes the success of adapting that IP will let the team do more with recognizable IPs in the future.

RoboCop Rogue City new IP games: robocop

RoboCop Rogue City was 2023’s AA sleeper hit. It’s been getting a relatively small, but still incredible, reception since launch, and it’s an FPS you’ve really got to play for yourself. Developed by Teyon, the team now sees the success of RoboCop as a way for them to make even more licensed AA games, so what ‘80s movie could they do next?

Now that the dust has settled on RoboCop Rogue City, it’s a game you need to add to your backlog of missed 2023 gems. It’s a brilliant FPS game that deserves the RoboCop IP and your attention, which has me excited for whatever Teyon has planned next.

While Teyon’s Rambo game from 2014 was, shall we say, not ideal, both Terminator Resistance and RoboCop Rogue City are stellar AA games that do exactly what they set out to, even if there’s a little jank around the edges. Does that mean we can expect a game based on a huge IP in the future, then?

“It’s easier to talk about the future when you’re recognized as a company that can deliver something cool,” says RoboCop Rogue City game director Piotr  Łatocha. “There are some IPs that we would like to work on in the future, but I won’t give them away just yet.”

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Łatocha’s interview with Exputer also dives into how thankful Teyon is for the support, adding that “the game had an amazing launch in terms of sales. So, what can I say? We are overjoyed that the hard work has paid off.”

We gave the game a 7/10 in our RoboCop Rogue City review, and it was a good seven at that. “For all its shortcomings, Robocop: Rogue City is incredibly true to its source material and is delightful as a fan of the films. Crucially, the action works, the visuals are authentic, and the story contains enough twists to remain intriguing throughout,” our reviewer, Jack Ridsdale, writes.

We did lament how RoboCop had almost no players on Steam, too, so here’s hoping it sees more and more deserved success throughout 2024.

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