Taylor Swift joins the robot revolution in free Steam shooter

RoboSquad Revolution, a free game on Steam about robots rebelling against humans, has just added a version of Taylor Swift to the cast.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – you may have heard of her. She’s only the single biggest pop star of her generation, a cultural icon and musical force whose popularity is inescapable. The new addition to sci-fi schmup RoboSquad Revolution bares a striking resemblance to her, but has enough legal distinctions to not be identical.

RoboSquad Revolution added ‘Saylor Twist’, a blonde, robot killer, who sports a white hat, and a red jacket emblazoned with the number 87, a not to her in-game partner Trevon Celcius. (Conveniently, the same jersey number as Travis Kelce, Swift’s current NFL-player boyfriend.) She’s playable in the multiplayer game right now, if you want to go shoot lasers as a simulacrum of the woman who recorded folklore.

Taylor Swift in RoboSquad Revolution

The free game, available on Steam and the Epic Game Store, has a roster full of these satirical characters. Other members of the roster include Elias Tusk and Clark Suckerberg, and I’ll let you figure out who they’re meant to represent. It’s all in good fun, adding a layer of metahumor to the robot game.

If you haven’t tried RoboSquad Revolution yet, it’s about a war between robots and humans. You battle for supremacy against mankind, who invented AI, and now want to destroy it, and every match gives you resources to upgrade all your bits and bobs.

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A fairly routine game, but Zorans Resistance’s sense of humor definitely gives it some added charm. Likewise, the gameplay is fluid and the battles are breezy. Honestly, just give it a try if you’re intrigued! Blare 1989 (Taylor’s Version) while you’re at it. Check out our lists of the best FPS games and best war games if you want more intense battles.

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