Rocket League is getting James Bond’s Aston Martin

Expect more 007 content in the future, too

James Bond's Aston Martin in Rocket League

Rocket League is getting another familiar vehicle for you to add to your garage. Developer Psyonix has revealed that it’s collaborating with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Aston Martin to bring James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to the game on July 29 across all platforms.

You’ll be able to find 007’s Aston Martin DB5 in the item shop alongside the silver paint finish, engine audio, wheels, and a Reel Life decal. You’ll have to be swift if you want to pick this one up, though, as 007’s Aston Martin DB5 is only hanging around until August 4. The car won’t be the last you see of Bond in Rocket League, though, as Psyonix says more content inspired by the iconic action film series is coming to the game in the future.

We’ve seen a few familiar sets of wheels in Rocket League of late. Earlier this year, Psyonix revealed that the studio had signed up to a multi-year partnership with Formula 1, with an appropriately named Formula 1 fan pack following with heaps of familiar-looking cars and decals.

Here’s the trailer

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