From Rocket League to League of Legends: Koven wants to do a LoL song

Riot has many memorable League of Legends songs, and now drum and bass duo Koven would love a shot at making one after their catchy Rocket League RLCS anthem

Drum and Bass duo Koven at Tomorrowland 2022 debuting All We Needed Rocket League RLCS song

Powerhouse drum and bass duo, Koven, have etched themselves into Rocket League history with ‘All We Needed’, the anthem of the RCLS. As they look to the future, they’ve even set their sights on scoring a spot on League of Legends‘ ever-growing roster of musicians.

Characterized by heavy electronica and the soft, sometimes haunting vocals of lead singer Katie Geraghty, English drum and bass duo Koven have partnered up with Mobil 1 to debut new track, ‘All We Needed’.

Inspired by “music’s natural connection to the open road,” the song has been assimilated into Rocket League’s ever-expanding playlist and will provide the soundtrack for the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

Partnering up with Monstercat and Psyonix to make this dream become a reality, the pair have already set their sights on their next big project; a League of Legends track inspired by the likes of Imagine Dragons – whose ‘Enemy’ featured in the hit Netflix series, Arcane, and ‘Warriors’ was the theme song for the 2014 League of Legends World Championship.

Racing into the future

While touring the world and making music often gets in the way of their gaming sessions, Max and Katie always manage to find time to squeeze in some Rocket League bouts.

“Both of us are still fans of the classics like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro – it was nice to be able to jump back into the remastered versions,” Koven tells us. “Also when we’re on a writing retreat we always bring our PlayStation with us and normally have a few rounds of Rocket League in the evenings when we have some time together.”

Having played the game as avid fans, hearing their own music set the backdrop for one of the biggest multiplayer titles on earth has been a wild journey. “It’s absolutely insane,” they enthuse. “Because it’s all ‘online’ it’s really hard to visualise actually how big this is and trust us we have – you’d fill 67 Wembley Stadiums every day… even that’s hard to get your head around.”

Not only would they manage to sell out a few Wembley Stadiums – a feat most bands only dream of – the music video for All We Needed is literally ground-breaking. Seamlessly blending real-life driving with the colourful, virtual world of Rocket League, we’ve never seen a video quite like it.

Despite the gravity of their new-found Rocket League fame, their drive (pun intended) to blend their music into all things gaming has just grown stronger; in fact, they’ve set their sights on a League of Legends track.

“We’ve always thought that one day streaming services would integrate with games and be one in the same,” they admit. “Obviously with music rights that’s a very challenging concept, but with more and more platforms becoming available for steamers it seems somewhat inevitable.

“We love what Imagine Dragons have done with League Of Legends and hope one day we can work with those developers on something!”

With Worlds 2022 around the corner, we’ll have to wait and see if Koven make their League of Legends debut in San Francisco. They may also score themselves a gig like Porter Robinson, the vocal talent behind League of Legends Star Guardian event for 2022.

As we look to the future with bated breath, you can stream All We Needed on your favourite platforms – including the Monstercat website.