Rocket League new ban system is automatic and multilingual, say Psyonix

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Rocket League developers Psyonix have introduced a new system to the game that auto-bans players who use naughty words in chat.

The developers have devised a list of 20 words (and associated variants and abbreviations) but – as you might expect – have chosen not to share the details, although we’re told to expect it to include things like racial slurs (thanks, Eurogamer).

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“While we have an initial list of over 20 words and variants, this list (which we will not be making public) will continue to evolve over time, and include words and phrases from multiple languages,” Psyonix say in a recent blog update.

“Each word has its own threshold, and once a threshold for any word has been reached, that player will be automatically subject to a ban. These bans will typically start at 24 hours, then escalate to 72 hours, one week, and finally, a permanent ban.”

“Of the thousands of reports we receive every day, the majority are tied to in-game abuse and harassment – typically in the form of abusive language. This new Language Ban system will help us address reports quickly and precisely while we also continue our usual monitoring of Reddit and other social channels for feedback.”

So, if you see another player being abusive during your match, Psyonix suggest you “report them, mute them, and let [them] take care of the rest.”

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