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Rocket League now has over 50 million players

September 19, 2018 Rocket League player counts have reached another milestone.

Rocket League has hit yet another player count milestone, with over 50 million players having jumped in-game worldwide. That stat is across all platforms, and represents another 10 million players having joined the game in 2018 alone. Even accounting for some alt accounts in that number, it’s still an impressive number.

The game’s improbable path of success continues into the third calendar year since its release, with its early hit status cemented by a free launch for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Word of mouth carried over to the PC version, and the rest followed from there. The launch of the Switch version last year offered a particularly big boost, and it’s likely a fair number of new players continue to come from Nintendo’s latest console.

But Rocket League is no slouch on PC. It remains one of the most consistent games on Steam Charts, with concurrent player numbers peaking above 50,000 every month for the past two years. Its position among Steam’s top ten games seems to be unshakeable, with tens of thousands playing every day.

Those supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars have landed Rocket League a lengthy stay on our list of the best indie games on PC, and continued updates are helping to cement its position.

Look forward to seeing that next player milestone a few months further down the line.

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