You’ll be able to organise your own Rocket League tournaments after the autumn update

Rocket League

Update, September 28Rocket League’s Autumn update is out today.

Rocket League’s Autumn Update is out today. The update goes live at 15:00 PT (23:00 BST), and brings 90 new items to the game.

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As well as all those lovely cosmetics, the update adds a new temporary arena, Farmstead. The update brings Rocket League’s fifth season to an end, and there’s also new transparent goalposts, and standardised maps.

Update, September 13:Psyonix have announced more new features arriving with Rocket League’s season six.

Rocket League is getting LAN support as part of the updates coming in season six. As well as new rewards, transparent goalposts, and standardised maps, the game is getting new Party and Tournament modes on PC.

In a press release, Psyonix announced the new Party and Tournament LAN modes. Party will release just after the autumn update, while Tournament will follow later in the season, and will allow PC players to organise competitions within the game’s client.

As well as these new features, Psyonix announced 90 new game items, a new limited-time Arena map called Farmstead, and the Decryptor, an item players can use to open crates without needing to purchase a key.

Original story, September 8:Psyonix have announced that the Rocket League Autumn update will signal the start of the game’s sixth competitive season. In aannouncement postmade yesterday, the team announced that the new features arriving in the update, due to release soon, will usher in the end of season five.

So far two major changes to the game have been announced. The first is transparent goalposts, which will allow players to see through the walls of the goal if they’re inside it, presumably in an attempt to level the playing field for attackers and defenders.

The second change is the standardisation of two of the game’s ranked maps. Starbase ARC and Wasteland will be converted to normal pitch dimensions when the new season begins. For reference, Wasteland is a larger version of the map, with slightly sloping sides, and Starbase is an octagon, and is, at least in my opinion, the worst map in the game.

Psyonix also said that the autumn update would herald the end of the current competitive season, and that season six would begin when the update goes live. As before, that’ll mean rewards based on your current rank, and that you’ll have to re-do your 12 placement matches to get your season six rank. This year, the season rewards are unique banners showing off your rank, which will show up in the main menu and in goal replays. Season six will run until “early 2018.”