Rocket League is now so huge that it has ridiculous TV adverts

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The Rocket League success story is super impressive. This is an indie game about playing football with cars, and it now has over 25 million registered players. That’s enough to make a triple-A developer blush. 

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Rocket League developers Psyonix must be rolling in the cash now, since they’re even running US TV commercials, investing that success back into the game and trying to hook even more players. As you can see above, the adverts are as ridiculous as you’d expect from a game where you can put hats on a car.

Here’s another one:

They’re pretty memorable, to be fair.

TV adverts aren’t the only way Psyonix are pushing for world domination, however. They’re also partnering with Nvidia, so anyone who buys a GeForce GTX 1060 or 1050 – or a laptop powered by the cards – will get a free copy of the game for a limited time.

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