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This skatepark mod turns Rocket League into Tony Hawk

Mean Puss Skatepark puts your car controls to the test

Rocket League lets you manage all kinds of four-wheeled stunts and aerieal manoeuvres, but the physics allow so much room to play with your car’s abilities that it’s a shame there’s no proper playground for them. Thankfully, the Steam Workshop has provided a bunch of options to remedy that flaw, and a recent release opens up a full skatepark to turn Rocket League into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Mean Puss Skatepark offers all the accoutrements you’d expect, including ramps, half-pipes, rails, and bowls, alongside crazier implements like corkscrews and tunnels. Given how robust your control over your car is in Rocket League, there’s plenty of room to for impressive acrobatics, and you can see plenty of them in the trailer below.

Rocket League is going to the Epic Games store later this year, and while it hasn’t yet been confirmed that it’ll be pulled from sale on Steam, that does leave us with the question of how mods will be supported on the new store, and whether Workshop items will eventually transfer over. Epic’s roadmap suggests mod support will come in the next six months, but what that means for existing mods is unclear.

Regardless of what the future holds, you can get Mean Puss Skatepark on the Steam Workshop. You can also follow the comments for some videos of what players have pulled off in the park.

Or you can get the official rundown in the video above.

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Tony Hawk’s videogame legacy hasn’t been great in the past few years, and while some indies have tried to step up, nothing has managed to properly scratch that skateboarding itch in the meantime. At least we’ve still got mods for our extreme sports fix.