Rode reveals gaming mic range with a Twitch streamer twist

Rode X is a new gaming mic division that caters to Twitch streamer needs, and it includes a virtual mixer that boasts similar qualities to Elgato Wave Link

Woman with red hair using Rode X microphone on arm at desk

The Australian audio tech company Rode has unveiled a new gaming mic range, and it caters to Twitch streamers and gaming PC enthusiasts alike. Dubbed Rode X, the new division arrives alongside a new virtual mixing suite that could challenge existing solutions by the likes of Elgato.

The Rode X launch lineup consists of two gaming mic options, the XDM-100 and XCM-50. If you’re familiar with Rode’s existing hardware range, you’ll no doubt recognise the XCM-50, as it’s a condenser microphone that almost looks like the NT-USB. Its dynamic counterpart, the XDM-100, also bears a resemblance to the Procaster, but it features USB-C connectivity in place of XLR.

In a press release, Rode reveals that it has been developing its new gaming PC range for three years. In addition, the company’s CEO, Damien Wilson, says the brand “marks an exciting new era,” that aims to “shape the future of audio for streaming and gaming.”

Man using Rode X mic at desk with vertical monitor and grey backdrop

Rode says other best gaming microphone contenders will join the XDM-100 and XCM-50 in 2023 and beyond. However, the Australian firm hopes to enhance its high-end hardware with Unify – a virtual mixing solution that unlocks digital signal processing features and provides an array of handy streaming tools. The software comes bundled with Rode X mics, but it’ll work with other audio devices, and its abilities match Elgato’s Wave Link toolkit.

Rode is already a force to be reckoned with in the audio tech scene, so reputation alone may entice Twitch streamers and content creators to join the fold. Of course, the proof is in the performance pudding, and while we’re currently working on our Rode X XDM-100 review, we reckon the dynamic mic is a worthy heavy hitter.