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2023’s best new roguelike is 35% off in the Steam Winter Sale

Against the Storm, one of the year's best new games that mashes together the roguelike and city builder genres, is 35% off until January 4.

Fresh out of its early access period, the full release of the genre-mashing roguelike city builder Against the Storm has only just graced our Steam storefronts, but is already 35% off in the Steam Winter Sale. It’s a festive treat for anyone thinking about trying out one of the year’s best games. Just be careful you don’t accidentally spend the holidays beavering away building town after town.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to take a look at one of the most exciting and innovative takes on the genre, culminating in one of the best roguelike games out there, now is the perfect time to check out Eremite Games and Hooded Horse’s masterpiece. The 35% discount offer is only available until January 4 2023 however, so get your skates on if you’re still on the fence.

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Against the Storm’s early access build launched to critical acclaim back in 2022, but in our review we felt the full release was even better, introducing a refreshingly retro approach to city building that was reminiscent of Warcraft 3, while still maintaining a deep and complex focus on strategy that conjured up memories of Shiro Games’ magnificent Northgard. It’s the perfect game for those who love to plan out complex metropolises, but still yearn for the added challenge of an encroaching threat on the horizon. You can take advantage of the discount on the game’s Steam storefront page here.

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