A free Ronin demo jumps out of the shadows

Ronin demo

I was just thinking to myself that today seemed like a great day to go on a ninja rampage and taken down shady corporations, and then Devolver Digital announced the launch of a demo for Ronin. It’s a 2D stealth action game with more than a hint of Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja, but with a dose of turn-based shenanigans.

You can grab the demo from Steam, and you’ll be able to sneak and murder your way through three levels as the seemingly nameless heroine. Expect to employ grappling hooks, razor wire, holographic replicators and, of course, your trusty katana.

The full game will launch with 15 missions, and there’s a special edition that includes a digital comic and the Ronin soundtrack.

Ronin is due out next month.