Get back in The Room when it comes to PC on July 28th

The Room PC

Tactile puzzle game, The Room, is leaving Android and iOS devices this month and making its way onto PC. If, for some reason, you know nothing about one of the most successful mobile games out there, you should still be excited, because it’s great. 

The Room’s central conceit is that you’re stuck in the titular room, which contains a box you must open. No, you can’t just leave and hire a locksmith. Instead, you’ve got to go through a series of lovingly crafted, tactile puzzles, leading you to fondle many a gear and fiddle with lots of locks. And come July 28th, you’ll be able to do all of that on your PC. 

I do wonder if some of the charm will be lost in translation, as it really makes the most of touch screen interfaces. Solving puzzles with a mouse just isn’t very tactile. Of course, you could just use one of those fancy touch screen laptops like the Surface Pro 2 – which our Tim is very fond of.

Moving to PC does come with some benefits, though; most notably the shiny HD makeover. The textures are more detailed and richer, while some lighting wizardry adds life to the scenes. All in all it looks quite lovely, as you can see for yourselves in this comparison video.

It’s been long enough so that I’ve forgotten how to solve most of the puzzles, so I may very well enter the Room once more, but this time from my study instead of on the bus – where I do most of my mobile gaming.

Cheers, RPS.