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Diablo and Dota 2 come together in new ARPG coming to Steam

New Steam game Roshpit Champion 2 is a standalone sequel to the popular Dota 2 mod that transforms it into a Diablo style action RPG.

Diablo and Dota 2 come together in new Steam ARPG Roshpit Champions 2 - A man wearing a golden mask.

Before becoming one of the biggest Steam games ever, Dota 2 started life as DotA (Defence of the Ancients), a Warcraft 3 mod for the beloved Blizzard strategy game. Now, the cycle of life continues, as one of the most popular mods for the Valve MOBA finds new life as a standalone action RPG. Roshpit Champions 2 takes the core of the original mod project and builds it out into a comprehensive new ARPG packed with class variety and build potential.

A “totally reimagined sequel” to the hugely popular Dota 2 mod, Roshpit Champions 2 is an action RPG that focuses on fast-paced, rewarding leveling, striking that midpoint between the speedy character building of a Dota match and the more long-term decision making of games like Diablo. Its name is a cheeky nod to Dota 2 superboss Roshan, the deadly beast that holds the powerful Aegis of the Immortal (and that delicious cheese).

Following in the footsteps of the series it came from, Roshpit Champions 2 offers plenty of character choice, with 30 classes to choose from, each with a unique skill set. There’s melee options for those who love to dive headfirst into the fray, ranged attackers to pester your opponents from a safe distance, and even support classes offering a range of heals and buffs if you’re looking to play with friends in online co-op.

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Developer PM Studios says it wants to focus on a swift leveling experience with minimal grind that offers “a rewarding journey without feeling like a job.” You’ll be able to upgrade your character using a passive tree grid, with the ability to use gear and skills across all classes to create a hero that feels distinct to you. You might even find some items that bestow you with particularly potent new skills to use.

The open world zones allow you to duck past any boss fights that are giving you trouble and return to them later, and they’re packed with all manner of secrets, including a few hidden bosses. In the late game, you can hunt down the most powerful ultra-rare items, or turn to the in-game auction house and trade system to swap out those gear pieces you don’t fancy for ones that help perfect your build.

“Every affix is crafted to be compelling and impactful,” PM explains, “Say goodbye to those mundane affixes that dampen the thrill of a good gear roll.” It says that the loot system is designed to ensure “that the majority of items you discover have inherent value, either through strategic upgrades or the coveted presence of rare affixes.”

Roshpit Champions 2 - The Zodiac Tablet, a system bestowing powerful buffs on your character in the ARPG.

Roshpit Champions 2 is coming to Steam. There’s currently no set release date, but you can wishlist it now if you want to stay up to date with when it becomes available.

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