Ruiner shows off cyborg Wolverine and Mother Engine in its Boss Bounties trailer

ruiner boss bounties trailer

Ruiner is looking like a mighty fine combination of isometric violence and cyberpunk style, and it’s due out next week. In celebration of the upcoming release, Devolver Digital have provided a new trailer showcasing a few of the game’s boss battles, and the characters just look exquisite.

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There’s Heavy Cyborg, a big humanoid robot with Wolverine claws. Captain Bogden, a soldier who assaults you with an grenade launcher. Shadow, a stealthy dude in a gas mask who’s able to constantly outmaneuver you.

But I’m really here to tell you about Mother Engine, because it’s one of the most badass cyberpunk names I’ve heard in a long time. Mother Engine is a giant, ceiling-mounted robot that bears a passing to GLaDOS, but with way more giant lasers and instruments of destruction. Also, it’s called Mother Engine. Mother Engine.

We liked Ruiner quite a bit when we played it earlier this year, and it’s continued to shape up as an incredibly stylish action game. It releases September 26 on Steam for $19.99 / £14.99 / €19.99.

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