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New RuneScape roadmap for 2024 expands a decade-old game mode

The new RuneScape roadmap for 2024 is filled with events, quests, dungeons, skilling updates, and even a brand-new game mode for the MMORPG.

RuneScape roadmap 2024: a polygonal blonde man

RuneScape is going to have a packed 2024. The iconic free MMORPG has been through a lot over the past two decades, but has held strong against competitors like Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft, and newer entries like Lost Ark. Now, we finally know what the year holds for Jagex’s magnum opus, and it’s going to be a busy one with a new game mode, plenty of seasonal events, new dungeons, and more.

By far the coolest addition to RuneScape this year will be the group Ironman Mode. Coming ten years after the original version of the Ironman Mode, you and a group of friends will need to play the MMORPG without Grand Exchange, player trading, and PvP XP. The focus is on gathering and crafting, as many avenues for items and XP have been reduced or outright removed, just like in the solo Ironman Mode. So you’d better get practicing with your friends.

The new Sanctum of Rebirth is also coming in July. This one to four player boss dungeon is a gauntlet, putting you up against multiple big bads back-to-back. If you conquer the challenge though, you’ll get brand new magic duel wield weapons and a new upgrade item, too.

RuneScape roadmap 2024: a roadmap image for RuneScape's 2024

RuneScape roadmap 2024

As I dive into exactly what to expect from each RuneScape update over the next year, here’s what is coming and when, courtesy of Jagex.

  • Spring
    • New story quest – Requiem for a Dragon
    • New seasonal event – Blooming Burrow
    • New combat boss – Rex Matriarch: Osseous
    • Environment update – Rellekka
  • Summer
    • New archaeology dig site – Daemonheim
    • New season event – The Beach
    • New special event – Pride
    • New boss dungeon – Sanctum of Rebirth
    • Skilling update for mining and smithing
    • New area tasks for City of Um
    • New Necromancy ability – fourth conjured spirit
  • Fall
    • New Skilling Boss
    • Runefest 2024
    • New Story quest
    • New slayer monster
    • New mode – Group Ironman
    • Skilling update for woodcutting and fletching
    • New seasonal event – Halloween
  • Winter
    • New story quest
    • New seasonal event – Christmas Village

The new story quests will continue the Bilrach storyline, with the first setting up Sanctum of Rebirth, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. All of the seasonal events – The Beach, Halloween, and Christmas Village – will have a themed hub, seasonal quests, new characters, and rewards for your efforts as well. So add them to your calendar as soon as they’re fully revealed.

If the breadth of the 2024 roadmap has you jumping back into the MMORPG, we’ve got the RuneScape system requirements and what they mean for your rig, or how best to get RuneScape running on Steam Deck.

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