Rust fan remakes its original ‘First Day’ trailer, and it’s spot-on

A Rust fan has recreated the survival game's 'First Day' trailer shot-by-shot

Way back in 2013, when Rust was only just hitting Steam Early Access, the survival game’s first trailer gave us a taste of what a first day in its wild world might look like. Suitably called the ‘Rust: First Day’ trailer, it’s a pretty rough-n’-ready compilation of its different gameplay features – and, nearly eight years on, one fan has decided to lovingly recreate it, frame-by-frame.

Rust fan TheManFrom_Mars (Square Earth, on YouTube) has posted his creation on the multiplayer game’s subreddit, explaining that, following a recent thread he posted about the original trailer, he was inspired to make an updated version of the clip, reflecting where Rust’s at now. He says that his version is “a personal homage that [he] decided to make”, and that he’s “tried to keep it as close to the original as [he] can”.

And, as you can see in the below clips – original and remake – the Rust fan’s recreation is spot-on. Using the same tune and kicking off with the same sounds of feet trampling through dirt, the fan trailer matches up every shot.

Gathering resources with rock smashing, wood chopping, chasing deer, making a fire, and even base building are all the same, but – naturally – a whole lot better-looking given Rust’s visuals have come a long way since the 2013 alpha’s trailer. Here’s the original, for reference:

YouTube Thumbnail

And here’s Square Earth’s fan remake:

YouTube Thumbnail

As you can see, it’s a really faithful recreation. If you’re keen to get into Rust and see what it’s all about, check out our look at Rust base building guide at that link.