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Saints Row 4 trailer does what Roland Emmerich couldn’t: send the president to space


Saints Row 4 is out now; here’s our Saints Row 4 review.

At least I think it’s space. It might be an alternate dimension, or some kind of meta-layer wrapped lovingly around our frame of existence. Whatever it is – and I don’t imagine Volition are overly worried about the details either – it stinks to the alien gills of sci-fi.

Here’s our now-traditional Saints Row trailer summary, in chronological order:

Grey faces, quick marching, laser domes, sith ships, more faces, diner glitching, funny swearing, people tubes, sandboxes, blue doors, nude fights, bold striding, high-altitude willies, consoled ladies, metal suits, old mattresses, super soakers, ace hats, public jiving, double trouble, slammed faces, unsheathed weapons, “Motherfucking” King, caped politicans, more willies, street singularities, ragdoll punching, beautiful mechs, B-movie baddies, raining sparks.

Saints Row 4 has the unmistakable appearance of a game with fun up the wazoo, but its all-or-nothing approach to tone seems to have divided its audience. I must admit, it seems a bit rich for PCGamesN to criticise anybody for pursuing silliness as an art form. But what do you think of it?

Thanks, Polygon.