Saints Row 4 trailer makes the explosive case for its protagonist’s presidency


Saints Row 4 is out now; here’s our Saints Row 4 review.

It’s become a little difficult to juxtapose US presidency with badassery when your world leader is as cool as this, but Volition have managed it. Oh, have they managed it.

Edit: Oh. It’s not Johnny Gat doing the flying about and the punching, is it? It’s just a man in a hat. My eyes are working on a formal apology as we speak.

I can’t believe it’s taken from Half-Life 2’s overpowered gravity gun sequence til now for physics-turned-up-to-11 to make it into a retail game as a core mechanic. Flung ragdolls have been lighting up the modding world for anentire decade.

If you’re anything like me, you were sold on Saints Row’s White House ticket the moment that city-sized, apocalyptic canned drinks mascot veered into view in the Saints Row 4 announcement trailer:

If you’re not like me, there’s a good chance Saints Row registers on your radar only as garish trash from a fading console generation. Which camp have you been drop-kicked over a billboard into?