Saints Row map: Santo Ileso size, regions, and more

Everything we know about the Saints Row map so far now that we’ve had some time to play around with an early build of the upcoming open-world game

So you want to know about the Saints Row map? The Saints Row 2022 game is the fifth instalment in the series and takes place in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, which is located in the American Southwest and is loosely based on the real US city of Las Vegas.

You can access the Saints Row map from an in-game menu that’s designed to look like a smartphone screen. You’ll then be able to navigate around the entire Santo Ileso map, exploring all the regions and points of interest. According to information that came out of a recent Saints Row gameplay preview, some fast travel points can be unlocked by finding and engaging in photo opportunities.

A shot of a beta version of the 2022 Staints Row map

Saints Row map overview

The Saints Row map is divided into regions, each one with a varying amount of threats, side hustles, discoveries, and stores for you to encounter. Not every region has every type of encounter – we’ve seen regions with no threats, for example, and other regions with no stores. There seems to be a fixed number of every activity in each region, and once resolved they’re ‘ticked off’ against that region’s maximum. Stores seem to be displayed on the map regardless of whether you’ve visited them or not.

When you hover over a region, the borders will either be highlighted in off-white, or in one of three other colours – one to represent each of the gangs vying for control of Santo Ileso. This allows you to see which gang controls which region. Your own location is marked on the map with a pulsating purple circle.

Saints Row map size speculation

In terms of size, this is a little trickier to estimate before we get our hands on the full game. Santo Ileso seems to possess 20 regions that we’ve seen. Five controlled by each gang, with the city itself wrapped around the edges of a large central body of water. There are four zones at the outskirts of the map representing the countryside beyond the city limits, and there appears to be a small region right in the middle of the island lake with road access from the east and west.

The map suggests wide roads, with only a few streets per region, and only a handful of buildings per block. The Saints Row 4 map had 18 regions of comparable density, although no outskirt regions. GTA 5’s map is larger and denser, although in terms of raw square footage the city region of Los Santos could be comparable to Santo Ileso.

That’s everything we know about the Saints Row map so far. For more Saints Row, keep up to date with everything we know about the Saints Row release date, as well as the Saints Row system requirements to make sure your PC is up to snuff.