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Saints Row map size, districts, and markers explained

The Saints Row map of Santo Ileso is an unlawful place, but we’ve got the details on all the districts and markers, along with the map size from corner to corne

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Want to learn more about the new Saints Row map, Santo Ileso? Set in the American Southwest, Santo Ileso is a very different place from previous cities in the open world series, offering a different layout and missions to take on. Our Saints Row guide for beginners is worth reading before you get stuck into the game, but this outlines everything you need to know about the area you’ll be playing in.

The Saints Row map can be accessed right after completing the tutorial, giving you an overview of the city. Here, you’ll be able to select each district and the different activities found in each. It can be a little intimidating having the whole map open to you, so we’ve put together a breakdown of what you can do in each region.

The Saints Row map in-game, showing the entire map in one image

Saints Row map size

How big is the Saints Row map? It’s not quite at the scale of the open-world titans such as GTA 5 or The Witcher 3, but there is plenty to do in Santo Ileso. It comes in at approximately 8km from one corner to the other, give or take due to the map boundaries.

You can’t drive diagonally across the map directly due to the huge lake in the middle, but you can fly once you have a jet or helicopter.

Saints Row map regions

Regions are highlighted by a different colour once selected, each representing the group in control. Los Panteros (orange) controls Southeastern Santo Ileso, The Idols (pink) control the Northeast, and private military Marshall Defense Industries (blue) protects the entire western section. The 2 desert districts — Badlands in the west and Rojas Desert in the east — along with Lake Sabastian in the centre cannot be controlled by any group, including the Saints.

  • Los Panteros regions: Mercado, West Providencia, East Providencia, Smelterville West, Smelterville East
  • Idols regions: Old Town West, Old Town East, Monte Vista, Marina West, Marina East
  • Marshall regions: Lakeshore North, Lakeshore South, West Flats, East Flats, El Dorado

Once the Saints build a property in a region, it will then be highlighted in purple. However, the previous group in control will still have a presence in the region. Fully completing a venture in a region will also highlight the entire map area in purple, making it easy to track completion.

Saints Row map markers explained

Progress in a region is split into 5 parts, categorised by different coloured markers. These are:

Purple – Ventures: After building a property in a region, it will be marked with a large purple-backed icon. The gang’s headquarters is shown by one of these large purple markers as well.

In addition to the main markers, smaller purple markers will also appear once a venture is created. Highlighting a venture will let you mark the nearest smaller marker on the map that’s tied to it.

Red – Threats: Starting a venture will also spawn five threats in the region, shown using red markers. These have you facing off against the group previously in control of the region, or the police. Removing a threat will increase the profitability of the region’s venture.

Blue – Side Hustles: Side hustles are marked in blue, each one being a short activity not tied to ventures. These can be repeated after completion if any side objectives have been missed.

Yellow – Discoveries: These are marked with yellow icons, and will only appear on the map when you’re close to them. A lot of discoveries are quick sources of cash, like dumpster diving or retrieving drug stashes. However, others like shooting ranges and lost wheels can give decent rewards.

In addition to the smaller discoveries, fast travel points (outside of the headquarters) will also be represented by yellow icons. These are essential in speeding up travel throughout the Saints Row Map, so make sure to check out our guide on the Saints Row fast travel locations.

Green – Stores: Most stores are marked on the map right from the start. These are primarily made up of clothing and gun shops — the latter will all sell the same items, regardless of which one you go to. Some stores will be unlocked by expanding your empire, either directly with ventures or indirectly with higher empire tiers.

That’s the basics of the Saints Row map, which will help you when starting your new criminal empire. In the meantime, if your boss is in need of some new abilities, make sure to check out the best Saints Row perks.