How to fast travel in Saints Row

Here's how to fast travel in Saints Row to get around the map quickly, including all the fast travel locations and how to use the camera

Saints Row fast travel locations

Wondering how to fast travel in Saints Row? You need to unlock Saints Row fast travel locations by taking a picture of a specific location using your smartphone. These locations are essentially landmarks that appear as small yellow train icons on the Saints Row map and turn purple once successfully unlocked. You also earn a small amount of XP when you unlock each location, which helps to level up quickly and unlock new Saints Row skills.

To take a picture, open up the smartphone menu and scroll to the camera – a small rectangle appears, showing you where to point the camera. Once you’ve taken a picture, you unlock that fast travel location permanently and can use it throughout your time in Santo Ileso.

Saints Row fast travel locations

So far, we only know about one Saints Row fast travel location which we unlocked in our Saints Row preview – Panther Rock, which can be found just off the road at the centre of West Providencia.

Once the game releases, we’ll be sure to list all the places you can snap your camera to fast travel easily around the map. For now, here’s everything we know about Saints Row multiplayer, as well as the Saints Row system requirements for the minimum PC specs.