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Saints Row multiplayer: crossplay, cross-platform, and co-op

All the details on Saints Row multiplayer, from co-op, to crossplay, and everything else the upcoming open-world game has to offer for friends

Saints Row multiplayer: four people stand around a map of Santo Ileso

So you want to know about Saints Row multiplayer? The 2022 Saints Row reboot is almost here, bringing us another tongue-in-cheek take on Grand Theft Auto’s blend of crime and action.

The only thing more fun than running around whacking people around the head with a dildo bat is doing it with friends, which is where Saints Row multiplayer comes in. We don’t know the full details yet, but we do know how some bits work, and who you’ll be able to team up with – read on for more.

Saints Row multiplayer and co-op

Most of the information we have on Saints Row multiplayer comes from a Game Informer exclusive – the reboot features drop-in/drop-out co-op for two players available right from the start, with each player keeping the custom appearance for their characters. Players are also untethered from each other, meaning you don’t have to stick with your co-op partner if you don’t want to. The only exception to this is when one person starts a mission, which will teleport the other player to them so you can tackle it together.

There’s also cross-progression, which applies to everything from collectibles, to mission progress. If you complete a later mission in someone else’s save, you won’t have to do it again when you return to your world when you reach the mission yourself. Finally, there’s going to be a ‘prank’ meter; players can complete challenges to turn their teammate into an inanimate object.

Saints Row crossplay

Unfortunately, Saints Row crossplay is where things get a little weird. Speaking to GamesRadar+, publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that “cross-gen” play is available, but not “cross-console”. Essentially, PS4 and PS5 users can play together, and the same applies to Microsoft’s consoles, but an Xbox player can’t play with a Playstation user.

It’s also not been confirmed whether PC players can play with either console brands, so stay tuned for more information.

That’s everything you need to know about Saints Row multiplayer. For more, check out our thoughts from a recent gameplay session, as well as what you need to know about the Saints Row map and where the game will be located.