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All Saints Row skills and how to unlock them

Everything we know about the Saints Row skills at every level now we've had a chance to play the game, including anti-gravity and exploding punches

A list of all the Saints Row skills

Looking for all the Saints Row skills? We’ve spent a good amount of time with the open-world game, and have seen some of the focus skills available at each level. You get a new skill every time you level up, and you can equip up to four of them at a time.

True to form for the series, these Saints Row skills are silly, ranging from dropping a grenade down an enemy’s pants to a powerful and explosive fire punch. To equip them, you need to access the skills app on the snazzy in-game smartphone, and you can combine them with Saints Row perks to make your character unstoppable.

Saints Row skills: a player looking at their phone, which is displayed on the right side of the screen. There are four skills equipped, one of which is the grenade.

Saints Row skills list

Here are the Saints Row skills for each level:

  • Level 2 – Pineapple Express: Grab an enemy, drop a grenade down their pants, and throw them (costs one skill bar).
  • Level 3 – Smokescreen: Drop a smoke bomb at your feet to confuse your enemies (costs one skill bar).
  • Level 4 – Proximity Mine: Place a sticky mine that explodes when enemies are near, damage increases shortly after placement (costs one skill bar).
  • Level 5 – Health Upgrade: Maximum health increased permanently.
  • Level 6 – Tough Mother: Gain a temporary health boost to absorb damage from enemies and negate staggers (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 7 – Frag out: Throw an explosive anti-personnel device (costs one skill bar).
  • Level 8 – Flow Upgrade: Maximum flow increased permanently.
  • Level 9 – Flaming Punch: Ignite your fist for an explosive punch (costs one skill bar).
  • Level 10 – Health Upgrade: Maximum health increased permanently.
  • Level 11 – Transfusion: While active, heal yourself and your friends by hurting your enemies (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 12 – Overscope: Pull out a powerful sniper rifle, headshots explode and damage nearby enemies (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 13 – Impulse Trap: Throw an anti-gravity device that lifts enemies into the air, making them vulnerable to a quick shot (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 14 – Flow Upgrade: Maximum flow increased permanently.
  • Level 15 – Health Upgrade: Maximum health increased permanently.
  • Level 16 – Berserker: While active, your melee attacks do more damage (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 17 – Intercession: Call in some Saints to help you fight (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 18 – Quick Draw: Pull out a powerful revolver to quickly gun down up to four enemies (costs two skill bars).
  • Level 19 – D4th Blossom: Spin around and fire bullets in every direction (costs three skill bars).
  • Level 20 – Flow Upgrade: Maximum flow increased permanently.
  • Level 21 – Quantum Aperture (requires completing the last Eurekatabor! Criminal Venture mission): Create a window that lets you see and shoot through walls. Applies a damage boost (costs two skill bars).

Now you’re up to date with all the Saints Row skills, check out everything we know about the Saints Row map, and when the Saints Row release date is to get your hands on this action-adventure game. If you’re wondering if your PC can run it, here are the Saints Row system requirements for the minimum PC specs.